Check out tips to avoid mistakes in painting the house.

painting house

Changing the color of a wall or simply retouching the paint gives that new house feel. In these hours, if the couple can not count on the help of a professional, the ideal is that some care is taken to achieve a good result. Architect Rosemeire Albuquerque of the Praquemarido franchise says it is important to note some details related to the structure of the property and to be aware of all the necessary materials.

The necessary tools to start the painting is to start buying sandpaper No. 150, plastic canvas, tape-crepe, paint roller, paint bucket, paint, paintbrush, running mass, plaster, mixer, brush and spatula. All of these materials can be easily found in stores in the construction industry.

Before plunging the brush into the paint can, Rosimeire advises the couple to remove all outlets, switches and other accessories from the wall, and remove or cover the furniture and spread newspapers across the floor. After that you need to eliminate the outbreaks of moisture from the area that will receive the paint. For this, just use anti-mold products. Once the problem is solved, it is worth sanding the wall to remove everything that is peeling. To level the surface, apply running dough and sand again.

painting new house

If the wall shows cracks, the tip is to apply dough to cover small holes, but if the problem is even bigger, it is best to fill the holes with cement or plaster.

Amount of paint –  To avoid waste, the architect’s advice is to measure the length of the wall and multiply by the right foot, which corresponds to the height from floor to ceiling. Then multiply the value by three, which is the average number of coats. The result will indicate a possible amount of paint needed for the work.

According to Rosemeire, the cans usually indicate the area they cover, so it is important to also observe what the manufacturer says. Another tip is to test the ink in a smaller area before buying in large quantity, because in some cases the effect is different from the catalog.

When choosing the finish, the owner of the property can opt for matte, shiny and satin. “The first disguises imperfections, the gloss impregnates less dirt, while the satin shines less, hides flaws, but has a less affordable price,” says the architect.

painting new house

Hands on –  A good tip is for the painter to use a paint bucket to contact the roller. This is an indispensable suggestion if more than one color is being used. Thus an ink does not come in direct contact with the other.

As for the application, the most indicated order is corners, ceiling and wall. “Use the brush to paint horizontally to the ceiling or below the plaster strip, if applicable, and also close to the door and window jamb. Then paint the ceiling and the remaining wall area (in the latter, in the vertical position, from top to bottom) “. In the architect’s opinion, on average, three coats are enough to make her house beautiful.

Now that you already know all the tips to transform your home and make it look like new, let’s get going.

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